Stucco is a major expense to repair, before you buy a home make sure you have a proper stucco inspection, the time and cost to make stucco repairs can be catastrophic in nature, if you already own a stucco home and are experiencing a problem or suspect a problem we can help with a full stucco evaluation.

We have over 40 years of construction and inspection experience, our company prides its self in its expertise, promptness and knowledge in all aspects of construction and we excel in stucco/plaster installation and defects. If your having a moisture or stucco problem we can help with identifying the issues, possible damage and remedies to repair the situation at hand.

Jeff Adams spends generally 32 hours to 99 hours a year in class further extending his knowledge base, he invest into your future by investing time to always gain more knowledge of the construction industry. Mr Adams not only furthers his education but also teaches others to include building officials and home inspectors all over the world, Mr Adams is also adjunct faculty with Alamo Community Colleges and on occasion Teaches International Code Counsel ICC Course to Building Officials to help them maintain their continuing education to maintain their ICC certifications to conduct city inspection for different municipalities in Texas.

By furthering his education level as well as teaching others Mr Adams prides himself on trying to help the consumer has a better chance of obtain a long lasting low maintenance cost home or commercial building, this bucks and defies a system in which builders, contractors, sub contractors, etc rush to construct an improper poorly leaking structure with no more than a 12 month warranty leaving you holding the bag on the costs down the road.